Premises Liability Expert Witness

When someone is injured on another’s premise there may be a lawsuit against the premise typically called a premises liability case. When this occurs it is crucial to find a competent premises liability expert witness to seek the truth in the case.

Premises liability cases are very common and often there are settlements. Sometimes cases are settled just to make the case go away. Often, a premises liability expert witness expert can assist in assessing the case-and if the truth is found a settlement may not be necessary.

Premises liability expert witnesses are experienced in these cases and have a full knowledge of how to investigate or assess the case. The truth is sought and similar methods are used that the expert used in other cases.

The competent expert will request to review any and all paperwork involved with the case. Sometimes the truth hides in the details.

If there is video/audio, the expert will review it in a frame by frame analysis. This is done so they will not miss the smallest detail.

The competent premises liability expert witness will review past reports at the same location. This is done to determine if there is a pattern present.

If a reconstruction is conducted the premises liability expert witness will utilize the scientific method. If an expert does not know what the scientific method is, that expert should be dismissed from the case.

George Washington:

“I am not disposed to quit the ground I have taken, unless circumstances more imperious than have yet come to my knowledge should compel it; for there is but one straight course, and that is to seek truth and pursue it steadily.” – Letter to Edmund Randolph, July 31, 1795

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