About Us

We are two experienced NYPD Detectives with a deep knowledge of police work. We bring our many years of experience to the table.
Our goal: is to remain objective and to seek the truth in every case we assess as expert witnesses.

John J. Baeza

Det. John J. Baeza, NYPD (ret.)

D-IAFI was involved in hundreds of criminal investigations in his 20 year law enforcement career. Det. Baeza began his career as a New York State Correction Officer at Sing-Sing Prison; worked patrol in Harlem's 32nd Precinct; and served as an undercover Police Officer and Detective in the Manhattan North Narcotics and Major Case Units. He transferred to the Manhattan Special Victims Squad, where he was responsible for many successful investigations of sex crimes, serial rape, sexual homicide, and child abuse. He has been involved in the investigation and assessment of over 300 false allegation arrests. During his tenure in this assignment he expanded his knowledge of law enforcement investigation procedures, offender behavior, victimology, crime reconstruction, serial rape and serial homicide. Det. Baeza has presented numerous courses on criminal investigation in the internationally. Det. Baeza has been published in the Journal of Behavioral Profiling and books such as the Rape Investigation Handbook, among other publications, and he maintains a large forensic reference library including many of the seminal investigative textbooks. Det. Baeza is the author of “The Complete Guide to Sex Crimes Investigations” published in 2021.Det. Baeza is a well decorated NYPD Detective who is a proud member of the New York City Police Department Honor Legion as well as the New Jersey Police Departments Honor Legion (for an act of bravery in New Jersey). (Please call for a complete CV.)

Det. Joseph Guida, NYPD (ret.)

D-IAFI worked a number of investigations in his 16 years in law enforcement, receiving 13 different commendations for his service and bravery, including one awarded for “an act involving grave personal danger.” He was successful as an undercover and an investigator in Brooklyn North Narcotics and Manhattan North Narcotics, making numerous undercover buys and was involved in hundreds of arrests and investigations. Det. Guida then worked in the South Bronx's 46th Precinct Domestic Violence Unit, where he was instrumental in improving the arrest and clearance rates as well as implementing successful criminal investigation procedures for solving domestic violence crimes. He is a Certified instructor in Criminal Investigation and instructed an international class on “Domestic Violence.” (Please call for a complete CV.)

Joseph Guida