False Allegations Expert Witness

The false allegations expert witness who is experienced and competent is a rare find indeed. The experts need to have much experience interviewing those who make false allegations.

Many people, including experts, have no clue that there may be as many as 20% of sexual assault reports made to police that are false. The false allegation expert witness is aware of this and is in a position to assess when a claim is false.

False allegations expert witnesses are well aware of the many red flags that indicate a problem with the alleged victim’s story. These competent experts use these red flags to delve deeper into the story.

The false allegations expert witness knows hot to assess an interview or statement to determine if it is false. The competent false allegations expert witness never allows an inconsistency to be explained away.

Even written statements can be assessed by the false allegation expert witness. Any inconsistencies in these statements may point toward a false report.

The competent false allegations expert witness understands the behavioral motivations behind false allegations. Knowledge behavioral motivation for false reports is crucial to seeking the truth.

In order to know exactly the attitude to be maintained towards what has passed, all the circumstances of the crime must be clearly taken into account and submitted to strict logical examination from their commencement to their last stage. If at a given moment something has not been explained, suspicion is justified and pause must be made at the point where the logical sequence is broken, for the purpose of examining if there is nobetter way of explaining the fact. If one is found the rest of the inquiry is easy.

Gross, H. (1949) Criminal Investigation 4th Edition, London: Sweet and Maxwell Limited.

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