Expert Witness Consulting Services

Expert witness services we provide include review of case materials and evidence; investigative review including crime reconstruction and reenactment; consultation; expert reports; and testimony on cases involving:

Expert Witness Police Misconduct

So what is classified as police misconduct? It is generally categorized as such things such as false police statements, perjury, fabrication evidence, failure to take proper police action, false arrests, etc.. Expert witnesses with police experience who search for the truth are a necessary component of investigating these misconduct complaints.

Police Use Of Force Expert Witness

Police use of excessive force cases can be complex and therefore the need for a police use of force expert witness who has experience in assessing this category of cases. The expert must be objective and assess the case without bias.

Sexual Assault Expert Witness

The sexual assault expert witness is crucial to assessing sexual assault cases. The sexual assault expert witness must be experienced and competent in the investigation of sexual assault case.

Expert Witness Homicide

The homicide expert witness must be experienced in the investigation and review of homicide cases. The expert must always seek the truth and assess the case in an objective manner. This is the homicide expert witness.

Child Abuse Expert Witness

The child abuse expert witness requires many skills to assess child abuse cases. This is a rare specialty because these cases are so complex.

Criminal Profile Expert

A competent criminal profile expert knows that criminal profiles rarely, if ever, lead directly to the apprehension of the suspect in a case. The expert also must realize that many criminal profilers have never investigated a rape or homicide case in their career.

False Allegations Expert Witness

The false allegations expert witness who is experienced and competent is a rare find indeed. The experts need to have much experience interviewing those who make false allegations.

Police Practices and Procedures Expert Witness

A police practices and procedures expert witness is vital when a case involves the disregard of police department rules and accepted methods of conduct. It is of the utmost importance to have an expert who has experience in law enforcement who has deep knowledge of any and all police practices and procedures.

Police Expert

A police specialist is indispensable when investigating cases related to the police force. They have unparalleled access to information and possess impartiality, neither over-glorifying nor defaming the police. Their familiarity with law enforcement gives them an edge over other commentators.

Premises Liability Expert Witness

When someone is injured on another’s premise there may be a lawsuit against the premise typically called a premises liability case. When this occurs it is crucial to find a competent premises liability expert witness to seek the truth in the case.