Criminal Profile Expert

A competent criminal profile expert knows that criminal profiles rarely, if ever, lead directly to the apprehension of the suspect in a case. The expert also must realize that many criminal profilers have never investigated a rape or homicide case in their career.

Criminal profile experts are schooled in the scientific method and deduction and they can easily tell when a profiler is using pseudoscience to make determinations about the unknown offender.

While television and movies have perpetuated the myth of accurate criminal profiling the criminal profile expert has the ability to cut through this nonsense and clearly show that criminal profiling does not work.

The criminal profiling expert should be schooled in criminal profiling so they have a deep understanding of the process. The expert should have a large library of criminal profiling, criminal behavior, and forensic textbooks.

A criminal profiling expert who has undergone a rigorous course of work may even be a certified criminal profiler. This makes the criminal profiling expert that much more credible when fighting the myth of criminal profiling.

This field is ripe with fraud and pseudoscience. That is why the criminal profile expert is necessary when assessing a case.

Criminal profilers sometimes conduct reconstructions as part of their work product. Criminal profile experts can determine if these reconstructions are conducted within the parameters of the scientific method.

A competent criminal profiling expert will have experience investigating rape and homicide cases. Many profilers do not have this experience and thus their insight is suspect.

“There is no such thing, for instance, as a real science of human character, because the human mind is too variable and complicated a subject of investigation. There are no two persons so much alike that you may be sure of one acting in all circumstances as the other would; it thus becomes impossible to arrange persons in classes so that all who are in the same class shall act uniformly in the same manner in any given circumstances.” Jevons, Stanley W., Elementary Lessons in Logic: Deductive and Inductive, (New York: Macmillan and Co., 1888) Reprint made available by The Ludwig von Mises Institute

The criminal profile expert is the best resource to challenge criminal profiling findings.

NYPDTRUTH.COM has criminal profiling experts with the above qualities on staff.