Child Abuse Expert Witness

The child abuse expert witness requires many skills to assess child abuse cases. This is a rare specialty because these cases are so complex.

The expert should have many years of experience investigating and reviewing child abuse cases. This experience also requires competence in the field, which is often hard to find.

The child abuse expert witness must have knowledge of the proper interview skills and procedures when assessing these cases. It is important that no false memories have been implanted by interviewers. Experience with interviewing child abuse victims is also necessary.

The child abuse expert witness should have a large library containing books on child abuse, child interviewing, and child abusers and their behavior. This complex work will require many reference texts as well as access to the literature.

Knowledge of age-appropriate verbal skills and behavior is crucial when assessing these cases. Knowledge of the child’s ability to complete physical movements is of the utmost importance.

If conducting reconstructions, the child abuse expert must have a solid understanding of the scientific method and how to apply it. They must also follow the scientific method when reconstructions are conducted. Failure to do so will invalidate the alleged expert’s opinion.

Repressed Memory

A child abuse expert will have knowledge of pseudoscience in the context of repressed memories. An understanding of the myth of repressed memories is vital.

A competent child abuse expert should always be objective.

I will always remember that I am a truth seeker, not a case maker.” IAAI 1949.

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