John J. Baeza

Retired NYPD Detective

Det, John J. Baeza, NYPD (ret.) is an experienced investigator having been involved in thousands of criminal investigations.  He has investigative expertise in Rape, Homicide, Child Abuse, False Reports, False Arrests, Unreliable Criminal Profiles, and Narcotics. Det. Baeza worked patrol in Harlem's 32nd Precinct, as an undercover officer in the Manhattan North Narcotics Tactical Narcotics Team and the Manhattan North Narcotics Major Case Unit where he made hundreds of buys. He transferred to the Manhattan Special Victims Squad where he developed a deep knowledge of Criminal Investigative Procedures. After retirement Det. Baeza worked as a Deputy Sheriff in the state of Florida for 3 years.  Det. Baeza keeps updated on criminal investigative procedures and keeps a large reference library including many of the seminal investigative textbooks.


Joseph Guida

Retired NYPD Detective

Det. Joseph Guida, NYPD (ret.) is a well rounded experienced investigator.  His expertise includes the investigation of Narcotics related crimes.  He worked as an undercover and an investigator in Brooklyn North Narcotics and Manhattan North Narcotics.  He has made hundreds of buys and has been involved in thousands of arrests and investigations during his time in Narcotics.  He then worked in the South Bronx's 46th Precinct Domestic Violence Unit where he was instrumental in improving the arrest and clearance rates as well as implementing successful criminal investigative procedures for solving domestic violence crimes.

Our Goal

Keep Consulting Simple

We strive to find the Truth. 

Our motto, "The Truth May Set You Free," describes what we have seen in real life casework- a lack of understanding of the criminal investigative procedures that lead to the truth.  We have worked many cases where lack of investigation has led to the wrongful incarceration of individuals. We are unbiased in our search for the truth.

Our specialties include the review of the following types of cases/arrests: Police Misconduct, Rape, Homicide, Child Abuse, False Reports, False Arrests, Unreliable Criminal Profiles, Criminal Investigative Procedures, Domestic Violence, and Narcotics Investigations.