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Police Experts

"The Truth May Set You Free"

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The World's Finest Consultants

We are ready to consult on your case and provide you with honest feedback.  

Our goal is to make certain your case is based upon the truth.

 Our Motto

"The Truth May Set You Free," describes what we have seen in real life casework- a lack of understanding of the criminal investigative procedures that lead to the truth.  We have worked many cases where lack of investigation has led to the wrongful incarceration of individuals. We are unbiased in our search for the truth.

The Consultants

Retired Detective John J. Baeza

Retired Detective Joseph Guida

Our Specialties

Include the review of the following types of cases/arrests: Police Misconduct, Rape, Homicide, Child Abuse, False Reports, False Arrests, Unreliable Criminal Profiles, Criminal Investigative Procedures, Domestic Violence, and Narcotics Investigations.


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